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Beacon Solutions



Our souvenir audioplayers are now available with simple beacon technology.

Low cost, battery-operated beacons which range from 3m+ trigger the audio tracks on our audioplayers. No needs for GPS or Wi-Fi. Your visitors can still take the player home as a souvenir having enjoyed the use of the system on site.

We have designed a low-maintenance system – beacons that are simple to adjust and operate.

Free your visitors to explore both indoor and outdoor this year.

With this simple technology – entertain, inform, promote to your visitors.




  • Beacon-Activated
  • Visual Branding on Player
  • Content Secure
  • Headphones included
  • Volume Control
  • Controls: (Play, Pause, Stop, Forward, Back)
  • Variable Recording Capacity
  • Re-usable (battery powered)
  • Size of Player:80mm x 40mm x 8mm