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Beacons for tourists on Spike Island Cork Harbour

Beacons for tourists on Spike Island Cork Harbour

In Hand Guides has brought the latest beacon technology to Spike Island. Tourists & visitors can use an In Hand Guides beacon-activated audioplayer as they stroll round “Ireland’s Alcatraz” Prison.


This technology is revolutionary
In Hand Guides beacons have transformed the experience for tourists.

Beacons are micro-transmitters – about the size of a cigarette packet. Each beacon has a range. It automatically activates the In Hand Guide audioplayer as soon as a player comes within range. Beacons have two A4 replaceable batteries which last over a year. Beacons are very low maintenance.

Tourists can go where they want
at their own pace – tourists have their own individual guide with them –  waiting for them to arrive at places along their chosen route.

As they move around, tourists come within range of a beacon.  Tourists automatically receive information & stories via their beacon-activated In Hand Guides audioplayer.

Tourists can pick-up an In Hand Guides audioplayer when they arrive on Spike Island – and take it away as a souvenir.

The In Hand Guides audioplayer has pre-loaded audio content
You can listen to the audioplayer as you move around Spike Island.  40 beacons trigger audio tracks. Information & stories relevant to where the tourist is standing. (Tourists don’t even have to operate controls on the player.)

Thanks to Spike Island – tourists have a richer, more educational, enjoyable experience than they expect.

Spike Island in Cork Harbour
has been “a 6th century Monastery and a 24 acre Fortress that became the largest convict depot in the world in Victorian times! “

On Spike Island there is the “200 year old Fort Mitchel, the star shaped Fortress which became a prison holding over 2300 prisoners.

Spike island aerial 1

The In Hand Guides beacon-activated audioplayer takes you on your own tour – into the prison cells where you hear heart-wrenching stories.  It’s as if the place tells you its own story.

As Spike Island says on its website 

Our new souvenir audioplayer is a first – developed by In Hand Guides, a Cork based company, it is the first site in the world using their new beacon technology, which activates the player hands free as you walk around. Available in 4 languages English, Irish, French, German.

The audio in 4 languages is invaluable
because not everyone speaks English as their first language. Offering a choice of languages shows Spike Island cares for visitors. By providing audioplayers in 4 languages Spike serves almost every tourist.

(In future, it’s possible there will be audio in Mandarin Chinese – the most-spoken language in the world.  The number of tourists from China is increasing significantly and there are over a billion native speakers of Mandarin.

Tourist attractions in Ireland – and all over the world – must serve their Chinese visitors.

But that’s another story for another time.)

Right now, the important news
Beacon technology is in use on Spike Island. In Hand Guides is a company based in Cork – serving tourist sites all over the world.

In Hand Guide audioplayers are affordable, brandable, informative, revenue-making, maintenance-free – over 500,000 have been sold already.

The beacon-activate audioplayers take the experience of tourists to another level.

The beauty of the audioplayer
Tourists can take the In hand Guides audioplayer away as a souvenir. They don’t have to rent it, or give it back at the end of  the tour.

The souvenir is perfect as a gift for friends back home. You can play the Spike Island audioplayer and relive the experience.  You can also use it to recommend your friends to put Spike Island on their bucket list for Cork Ireland.

The future of beacons for tourists looks bright.

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