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Visitors want to be guided

Visitors want to be guided

Imagine you are visiting Chicago or Dublin

and you love stories about everywhere you go.  You love great views & history. And something unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

How do you decide where to go?

Imagine you’re Internet-literate & have a smartphone.

You go to Google and you try to find the perfect App for the city. The best link that helps you plan your scarce time in Chicago or Dublin.  You might use TripAdvisor which is superb for prioritising your itinerary.

When you get to the attraction that’s hooked you most

what do you need?  What would you most like to have with you?

A guide?  A companion to show you round, educate & amuse you.  A guide that brings the experience to life. And embeds it in your memory.  Stories you can take away & remember later. Information you can pass on to others.

You don’t use an App.
[We have research to prove this – contact us for a copy.]

When you’re on the magnificent

Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise Aboard Chicago’s First Lady Cruises

You want a guide.

When you’re at the extraordinary

Book of Kells Exhibition in Dublin

You want a guide.  Something to enrich your experience – no matter how much time you have.

Of course you can follow your nose – you can read the information displayed as you go around. You can even buy a guidebook.

But that’s not enough to satisfy your curiosity and your wish for a memorable experience.  You can’t dine out on the memory of bits of information you picked up. Whether you express it out loud or not – you want to listen to the story of the place. That’s how you’ll get most from your holiday.

Imagine there are guided tours led by a qualified guide – at specific times.

If you’re lucky, the tour is at a time that suits you.  That fits with your other priorities.

If you’re fortunate, you love your guide.

If you’ve a good memory, you’ll remember what the guide shows you and says during the tour. (Unfortunately you’ll forget most of it because no one remembers more than a fraction of what they hear first time.)

But qualified guides are an awful lot better than nothing at all.

Ideally, there’s a take-away audioplayer that’ll take you round.

An audio guide that’s been specially prepared, thoroughly researched , quality-assured and narrated by an expert communicator.

Ideally, you’ll be able to move at your own pace, pause for as long as you like – and even go for a cup of coffee or a beer during your visit

Ideally, you’ll be able to listen the audio lots of times later – you don’t even have to worry about remembering all the information.  You can simply enjoy the educational experience.

Ideally, you can play the souvenir audioplayer to others back home – and they’ll be grateful & inspired to put Chicago Architecture Foundation River Tour & The Book of Kells on their bucket list.

Your visitors would love a guided tour that suits them perfectly.

Wouldn’t they?

Audioplayers are perfect for visitors who value a superb experience. Especially when they are affordable.


Big big fresh business news for you

We’re now launching our new beacon technology linked to our souvenir audioplayers

Listen to Trevor Winckworth on how beacons work


Spike Island in Cobh Cork Ireland 
Ireland’s Alcatraz

Punishment Block on Spike Island  (Guide in English Language)

Spike Island Guide (in Irish Language)


Advice we hope will help you improve your offering

  • Collect feedback from your visitors about what sort of guide they’d like
  • Find out if they’d like to have a souvenir guide to take home to family & friends
  • Think about how you could sell them an affordable branded souvenir AudioPlayer
  • Find out how In Hand Guide audioplayers are working for other visitor attractions.


In Hand Guides enrich your visitors’ experience.

[Tourists will spread your message. The Guides promote your business – build your brand –increase your revenue.]


All you do:


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Thank you very much for reading & listening to this blogpost.


[Note:  You can purchase The Book of Kells audioplayer by InHand Guides when visiting The Book of Kells Exhibition in Trinity College Dublin.  On the First Lady Cruises in Chicago there is no audioplayer.]

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