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Improving visitor experience through audio products

Improving visitor experience through audio products


Improving the visitor experience is what you do every day.

In Hand Guides are working to help you improve that experience.

We provide affordable souvenir audioplayers to the visitor market

– that’s how we play our part.

(1) Our approach
is different to our competitors.  We offer

  • an audioplayer the visitor can take away – a souvenir player they can play later, show to others and attract them to your site
  • a branded audioplayer that communicates your image
  • a bespoke guide unique to the visitor site just visited.

(2) How our audioplayers improve your visitors’ experience 

  • affordable – we make audioplayers affordable for the site owner
  • audio & visual together
    –  we improve the richness of  ‘senses intake’
    –  we tell stories
    –  we offer those stories in a visitor’s language.

(3) Why visitors come to your site

Visitors at your site are there for knowledge & experience
– they have taken an interest to visit ‘your site’. They deserve the maximum experience – not just a walk through and ‘thank you’ for coming.

  • Storytelling
  • Facts
  • Atmosphere– all though audio will enhance that experience for the visitor.

(4) What about Apps?

Apps are not what visitors to your attraction want.

– everybody asks about them.
Won’t they do the same as your audioplayer ?

We don’t believe so.  Our research shows there’s a very poor uptake at major sites for apps specific to that site.

(Ask us for a copy of the research report.)

  • Apps don’t carry the length of audio required for an improved visitor experience.
  • Apps only carry visuals with snippets of information + perhaps a short burst of audio
  • Apps don’t provide an engaging 60+ minutes of audio – what a ‘real’ experience requires.

We advise you

Don’t go the App route for your site guide.


Note:  The photo we’ve used was taken by pysberartist .  Many thanks.


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