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Revolutionary New Beacon Technology is here

Revolutionary New Beacon Technology is here

You hear Trevor Winckworth, CEO of In Hand Guides

– in conversation with Paul O’Mahony.
– recorded in Clayton Hotel Cork

We were catching up on news from inside In Hand Guides.

What’s been happening recently?

(1) In Hand Guides has new beacon technology – takes over the audioplayer when visitors are on site – as you enter the ‘room’, the audio is triggered, you automatically hear the guide

(2) Spike Island – Ireland’s Alcatraz – there are 40 “points of interest” – beacons. For example, Spike Island Riot Room – a beacon in every cell – stories – Republican prisoners – information points around the island

(3) The triggering technology is patented Рworldwide

(4) Big change – from high-cost complex systems to low-cost simple system

(5) Thank goodness we “De-mystify the whole thing”

(6) The audio is always on the player Р visitors take it home Рplay it later

(7) CIT [Cork Institute of Technology] Nimbus developed the system for us

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