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We need Irish banks to support us

We need Irish banks to support us

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For you – a chat with In Hand Guides CEO Trevor Winckworth – published on 19 September 2016 – on Cork Innovates.


The biggest hurdle is easily finance.

The lack of it still has implications for ongoing cash flow and business support and starting a business just as the so-called ‘Celtic Tiger’ disappeared certainly did not help.

Yet with the help of CIT, we found a way to develop the technology.

We travelled out to China and arranged manufacturing logistical and QC support, patented product all with investment support – while regularly battling with the banks for support.

In Hand Guides is grateful to Cork Innovates for helping tell our business story in its series “Stories of Cork’s Hardworking Heroes“.

The Cork Innovates Partnership (2012 – )
promotes the Cork story. It is “supporting and fuelling the entrepreneurial reputation of the Region”.

Cork Innovates has “financial support from the economic development fund (EDF) of both local authorities in Cork.

The Partnership works with regional stakeholders including local government, state agencies, educational institutions, business support organisations, entrepreneurs and the extended Cork business community to engage in a collaborative and complimentary manner, promoting the Cork story.”  

Cork Innovates works by sharing The Story of Cork SME sector with local, national & international audiences including

  • projects
  • success stories
  • opportunities
  • innovation & entrepreneurship


You  can read the full report on the chat here.

We @inhandguides wish “The Cork Innovates Partnership” all the best with its mission.


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