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New Product Launch at Spike Island Cork

New Product Launch at Spike Island Cork

With the sun blazing down on Cork at the moment, the view form Camden Fort of Spike Island and Cobh is spectacular.

Camden Fort view


We at In Hand Guides are currently finishing off the work to install our new beacon triggered audioplayer system into Spike Island Fort – our first project for the new system.

Soon visitors to Spike Island will be able to purchase this unique souvenir audioplayer. Once  powered on, it will trigger a track as you pass one of the 40 beacons located all around the island. Each beacon is linked to a track on your player . All the tracks are location specific and will teach you about the importance of the casemates as a defensive structure or the early history of the island and who was resident there voluntarily or involuntarily.

This means No need for Wi-Fi or GPS , no having to punch in numbers on a player, no touching players against pads – our beacons are waiting for you 24/7 – or at least during opening hours. Why not visit Ireland’s Alcatraz today and take a step back in time.



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