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11 Reasons to use “Souvenir Audioguides” V's an App.

11 Reasons to use “Souvenir Audioguides” V’s an App.


  • Reliable content delivery – no variables with our audioplayers unlike different smartphones that may not play content or suffer from glitches
  • No expensive smartphone needed to access the information. It is all available on our affordable souvenir audioplayer. Available to everyone young or old.
  • Removes the need to have an expensive smartphone on show when walking around a city or area.
  • No internet connection required or download needed. Our player comes pre-loaded with all the required information. Great for visitors who are not from your country and who want to avoid expensive phone charges.
  • No need for visitors to rely on your Wi-Fi hotspot to download an app. Our audioguides are good to go once switched on and also don’t need a constant internet connection to function/update itself either. It works independently once powered up.
  • Our Player comes with detailed instructions including an insert with all track information and instructions as back-up. We can also include a map.
  • Comes with headphones as standard, no need to worry if you have forgotten them or miss out.
  • Comes with its own batteries saving you the need to use up your phones battery using an app constantly.
  • No need to constantly monitor/check if your app is working correctly – peace of mind for the user and operator.
  • You get to keep it and listen to it again and again.
  • Easy to give as a gift to someone, it is a tangible thing you can hold in your hand. You can’t give someone an app, unless you want to give them your smartphone.

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