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Now Available our 1916 Audiowalk of Dublin

Now Available our 1916 Audiowalk of Dublin


Our newest offering is our 1916 Audiowalk of Dublin focusing on the events of that fateful week that sparked Ireland’s drive towards Independence. A souvenir gift that will transport you back in time!

Click here to listen to an overview and sample.

Relive the events of Easter 1916 with In Hand Guides “Mp3″ style audiowalk of Dublin. Developed in conjunction with Lorcan Collins who for nearly 20 years has been guiding tourists around Dublin’s city centre retelling passionately the events of that fateful week. He took a team of researchers from Ireland’s audioguide company In Hand Guides on a well-worn walk – the result is In Hand Guides adaptation of Lorcan’s lifelong passion…The Easter 1916 Audiowalk.  

An Ideal gift for family overseas or anyone with any link to Ireland. It will give you the perfect mix of information, entertainment and education on that fateful week.


Using both the power of rich storytelling and the unique technology behind the In Hand Guide audioplayer – 2016 is set for a new revolution.
Until now, no existing hand held audio guide player has been allowed out on the streets. Simply because it normally involves hiring an audioguide and also paying a deposit. This is where In Hand Guides are unique.


With our audioplayers you can give your visitors their very own souvenir audioguide of their visit and memories to last a lifetime.

Contact us today to find  out how you can also offer something as unique as our 1916 Audiowalk of Dublin. 

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