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Going Mandarin with the Book Of Kell's - looking to the Future

Going Mandarin with the Book Of Kell’s – looking to the Future

At In Hand Guides we are always working with and helping our clients improve their offering.

Following on from Trevor’s recent trip to China and hearing about the increase in outward tourists from China to Ireland he decided to carry out some impromptu research with our largest Irish client “The Book Of Kells”.

While talking to the Book of Kells visitor services manger Ann-Marie Diffley Trevor mentioned the increase in numbers from China visiting Ireland. He asked Ann-Marie how many Chinese visitors they have had in 2014. With a little investigation she found out that 17,000 had visited in 2014. While also in China, Trevor found that most Mandarin speaking tourists look for attractions that cater to their language needs first and foremost. This very quickly turned into a no brainer for Trinity. A potential 17,000 extra audioguide sales a year. Trevor also established on his trip that Chinese tourists spend 4 times the amount of money than any other tourist globally.

This is why it pays to track your visitor numbers and their nationality. You may be missing out on a potentially large market without even knowing.

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