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Conor Tallon Tells a Tale

Conor Tallon Tells a Tale

Blarney Castle Audioguide Creation

image of playerfront “Like most kids I always enjoyed a good story well told.
And I still do!”
That’s what our Production Manager Conor Tallon told me the other day…and I couldn’t  agree more!
Producing an Audio Guide for Blarney Castle recently gave us a chance to tell a tale or two…  and so we headed off like a couple of kids to Blarney Castle to see if our storytelling worked.

The Story of Blarney Castle and her magnificent Gardens is rich in history and we could have  had a cast of thousands but Conor settled on a mere 20 different voices in the production!
In Hand Guides latest walking Audio Tour: ranging from voices in history –like fierce Irish  Chieftains and Earls to even Queen Elizabeth the First herself…from whom we get the  creation of the phrase “A Load of Blarney!”
There were mystical and mythical voices too – druids and witches And shadows of the past lurking around faithful manservants and maids.

Off we went faithfully setting foot on Ireland’s most famous castle in the company of the Castle’s social and media manager Paul O’ Sullivan…a dab hand at giving a VIP tour himself if needed!
Hard working staff like Paul are also featured in the tour … like Adam Whitbourn the head gardener who introduced us the perilous Poison Garden!

We also got to meet the present day owner of the Castle…Sir Charles Colthurst… whose greeting is the opening feature of the audio tour and he even tells a few tales of his own along the way.
We took 3 different approaches to the tour…one was to take it as if you had all the time in the world, another one of us was to be part of a small tour group with plenty of short stops along the way and the third one of us was to imagine being part of a large group that just came off a cruise liner in Cobh!

That’s why we were here…to help Blarney Castle entertain any combination of visitors in any situation…and therefore enhance what they have to offer their visitors.
All 3 of us were royally entertained…whether we had freedom to roam or were part of a slow moving large gathering…the power of storytelling kept us enthralled!
And that is what makes an In Hand Guide such a powerful tool.
We’re launching in Mid-July – so keep your eyes…and ears …peeled
@Blarney_Castle and @InHandGuides … it’ll be a real ‘Tweet’!

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One Response to “Conor Tallon Tells a Tale”

  1. “Ireland’s most famous castle” indeed.
    I never thought of it like that – but of course it’s true. I used to think it was simply a stone for tourist to kiss and joke about. But now that I’ve been all over the garden several times, I’m in love with the place. It’s every bit as good as many gardens owned by The National Trust in England, Wales & Northern Ireland – and better than many.
    Thank goodness the audioguide concentrates on the castle & gardens – history & people.

    I was at the launch of the guide a few days ago. It was lovely to hear about how Blarney Castle, Cronin’s Coaches & In Hand Guides are collaborating to give people a great experience.
    Here’s a link to the conversation on the open-top bus on our way back into Cork:

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